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At SARAO, we value your privacy above all. If you join our e-zine or blog notification list, you'll be receive notice of developments that might benefit you (i.e.., new articles, new product announcements and special offers from this and other related website). However, note:

* This website does not gather personal information about you without your knowledge. Standard server log files are kept for the sole purpose of administering this site. They are not used for any other purpose. These files include user statistics, IP addresses (such as to identify geographic locations, ISPs and the like), user behavior (such as files requested), referrer URLs, time spent on each page, browser tags, OS tags, download quantities and screen resolutions.

* Our mailing lists are and will remain completely confidential. They are not (and will never be) sold to, rented to or shared with anyone. Upon request, you will be promptly removed from the databases without any questions. (Please see below for easy removal instructions.) Although highly unlikely, a confirmation request will be emailed to you before any changes happen, if ever. We respect your trust.

* This website may contain links to other sites on the web. This site is not responsible for or has no control over the respective privacy practices of such sites. Your judgment is encouraged.

* SARAO may act as an affiliate for other companies. Again we have no control over their business practices, so keep in mind that once you leave our website, our privacy policy no longer applies. If you received unsolicited commercial information about this website or its offerings from an unknown third party (i.e., "spam"), please report the abuse to us immediately so we can take appropriate action.

Also, note that this site uses several third parties to handle certain business services. Great care was taken in their selection. But if you have received unsolicited email as a result of using these services, please do not hesitate to report it immediately as well. They will be discontinued immediately.

Any e-zines or newsletters to which you subscribe from this website are managed by Jorge Zurita and have no relation at all to other companies or products advertised on this site. To opt-out or modify your subscription information to our e-zines or newsletters, simply click the "unsubscribe" link at the end of each e-mail or contact us directly with your request to be unsubscribed from our list(s).

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