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Original Team Building ideas

Ideas for your events | Oct 15, 2019

Original Team Building ideas

The Team Building is an innovative and fun activity that promotes companies to improve communication and links in their professional team. It’s a way to organize the corporate event of the company with a new approach: break the routine and formalities. Many activities can be prepared where participants enjoy and, at the same time, work important aspects like leadership, integration, entrepreneurship and organization.

The funniest Team Building activities for your company

Planning a business activity is usually complicated to devise and date for the availability, the variety of ideas and the profile of the workers. In Sarao we know that in the end, no matter how much you want it, because always traditional proposals are made and that doesn’t attract and surprise attendees. For this reason, we propose different plans to make your business event a great success:

  • 1. Western party themed:

    The themed parties are the best excuse to meet with coworkers and wear character costumes wich we really love. We propose Western themed Team Building to dare to become the best “gunmen” of the company.

  • 2. Lipdub o Flashmob:

    When it’s time to sing or dance a lot of people love that idea but others find it too typical. And why not combine and prepare it among all? One Lipdub (vídeo musical realized by a group of people who are synchronized with music and choreography in one sequence shot) or one Flashmob (a choreography organized where people start it suddenly in a public place and then they left quickly) is the best way to show the talent of the public.

  • 3. The Casino night:

    The parties and events of companies usually are formal and serious. In Sarao we propose the funniest and the most elegant night, the Casino night! Where you can feel like a gansgter film star with your company’s teammates.

  • 4. The Big Logo:

    One original proposal needs everybody’s participation and serves to build the identity and promote the organization is: the Big Logo. The Big Logo consists in creating the logo of your company with all the attendees. It’s a "human logo" that with planning and cooperation is raised, rehearsed and finally created. With the background music, the laughter of the team and the good atmosphere, we will record the video of how the whole company managed to create the logo that represents them on a large scale.

  • 5. Sports competitions:

    One of the most popular proposals is the sporting event type. The best way to increase the healthy life and sports in the company is to prepare a match, career or sporting event. If you prefer, you can also create relief courses in which there are different tests and the whole team must participate helping and respecting each other.

Original Team Building for companies

The organization of Team Building activities is a highly demanded option in companies and entities because it’s the best alternative to work and strengthen labor aspects in team’s work outside offices.

If you want to organize a Team Building event in Sarao, we design the most original activities adapted to your company's profile with the best results. Choose the plan that best suits your goals and values, or if you wish, our team will advise you on the election by proposing personalized ideas.

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