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Team Building Focused in CSR

Ideas for your events | Oct 29, 2019

Team Building Focused in CSR

In the last article of our blog, we explain what Team Building means which is so fashionable and we proposed some ideas for original activities. Now we will explain another trend that has been practiced in the field of Team Building activities for companies: corporate social responsibility, better known as CSR.

The CSR represents the part of values ​​and actions that a company works to improve in social, economic and environmental fields, with the objective of increasing its competitive, valuation and added value. The idea of ​​the CSR is that all the co-workers can participate in the social actions chosen by the company and work values ​​that provide an improvement for the planet and local society.

In Sarao we know that it is very important to promote CSR and therefore we propose a list of 6 very interesting activities for your company:

  • Personalized toys: You can contribute with the materials and together work and learn about jobs such as carpentry and actions like design and strategy to think and develop toys. This promotes learning, creativity and also children can enjoy their new customized toys. Examples: piñatas, piggy banks, valero ...

How can you help? With money, toys, tolos, materials (wood, paint)…            

  • Reefs forever: an interesting proposal is organize the cultural and educational route on Sustainability in Motion organized by Amigos de Sian Ka’an association. Together with them, the co-workers can learn about the environmental problems that reefs and other ecosystems can suffer.

How can you help? With money, books, volunteers, print material…

  • Generation day: The co-workers will spend a day with the elderly and accompany them in their tasks and organize activities like reading, playing cards, cooking... The idea is that, for one day, these people feel accompanied and well cared for. Many times, old people are widow and end up forgotten, so reminding them that they are important is a must.

How can you help? With money, food, diapers, clothes, books, volunteers, cleaning products…

  • Manual workshops: organize workshops where you build and fix the schools infrastructure, asylums or foundations that support disadvantaged groups. This is how you work in a team, helping with material and human resource. Your company will provide a direct and visible service to the community.

How can you help? With materials like paint, furniture, tools, money…

  • The library: the education is the fundamental basis for society to evolve education, and especially, that people grow up with strong values ​​and knowledge. In Sarao create this proposal in which your company an collect and give away books to create a library for schools of disadvantage areas.

How can you help? With books, money, bookcases, folders…

In Sarao we know that it’s important to organize good events and meet expectations, so we propose these and many more CSR ideas for your company. If you need assistance preparing and enjoying your event we will be very glad help you, contact us!

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