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Icono Booths & Displays

Booths & Displays

Turn any space into an enthralling and captivating spot to showcase your products and services. SARAO can help you by designing and constructing stylish exhibition stands and tradeshow booths and displays made to your specific requirements.

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Let us showcase your brand in the most creative and high-impact way possible by building a spectacular stand for that special exhibition. We can build one or two-level stands with glass displays, fixtures, cabinets, flyer stands, tables, etc.

But we don’t stop there... SARAO goes the extra mile and our exhibition stands are loaded with extra details that make your stand a true sight to see. It can include a drink and snack bar, lounge areas, plasma screens, game zones, music and much, much more. Attention-grabbing elements designed to capture your target audience’s interest and imagination.


When working with a smaller or fixed space that doesn’t allow for a full-fledged exhibition stand, we can also set up size-specific tradeshow booths, exhibits and displays. From a single one to a lot of 10, 20 or more... whatever it takes to showcase your line of products in the most creative, professional and impactful way.

Tradeshows and expos are one of our favorite areas to work on. Talk to us and let us know your exact requirements... we’ll come up with a few ideas to make sure your brand makes a long-lasting impression on your audience.

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