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Icono Stage Design and Production

Stage Design and Production

Regardless of your event’s theme or topic... we can design and produce breathtaking stages that surpass any expectations. Stage design and production is one of our most celebrated specialties... and for good reason - we’ll take care of everything so you can express and convey your message in the most impressive way possible.

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Custom-made pallets covered in patent leather, carpet or painted in any color combination; classic, modern or customized podiums; stage stairs on the front or sides; drapes or solid pieces in any color to be used as a stage backdrops... all these are just a few of the elements we can use when designing, producing and setting up a stage for your event.

Whether it be an elegant plenary, a glamorous award ceremony or even a full-fledged show that rivals a Broadway musical... we’ll take your ideas and turn them into living realities that your guests will remember forever.

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